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BUNDLE PAPERBACK & EBOOK Werewolves Everywhere: Book 2

BUNDLE PAPERBACK & EBOOK Werewolves Everywhere: Book 2


***This is a PRE-ORDER.***


Official release date is November 30th, 2022.


Jenna Sutton is nothing like the iconic vampire slayer of TV fame.


She’s the antithesis of a cheerleader. She’s not peppy. And she sucks at gymnastics. She has nothing in common with the fictional Buffy, other than being blonde and in high school...


Oh, and occasionally she kills vampires for a living as well as other things that go bump in the night


Jenna Sutton's life isn't perfect. She lost her mom earlier in the year, her best friend kissed her then started dating a witch of a cheerleader (and she meant 'witch' in the most literal sense), and now there was a werewolf loose in her community. 


An injury of one of Elmview North High School's up and coming football players at first looks like a dog bite. But it quickly becomes apparent this isn's an ordinary Fido attack. 


There is a rogue werewolf on the loose.


Can Jenna find out who the rogue is before the rise of the full moon? Who seems to be targeting the football team, when the state championships are just around the corner? And, perhaps most importantly... 


Is the captain of the football team really flirting with her?

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